Troubleshoot Battery is Not Charging up to 100%

This problem can harm the iPhone’s battery life and can also cause the battery to drain quickly. The reason behind this issue depends on the environment, temperature, apps, or even accessories. So whoever faces improper charging issues should look into all these reasons and begin the troubleshoot procedure one after another.

Why your iPhone is not charging more than 80%

If your iPhone is not charging more than 80% for a few days, you should try out the Optimized Battery Charging feature. This feature allows the device to close the apps that are not in use and stop delaying the charging over 80% during the time.

The optimized Battery Charging feature enables the system to check and learn the battery usage and charging pattern if it is not charging above 80%. Indeed, a 100% battery can also be drained too quickly, but charging at that level matters the most.

Battery temperature can also cause a charging problem. Overheat your iPhone device can stop your device from charging correctly, decreasing battery health. In this situation, an Optimized Charging Battery can prevent the battery from charging above 80%. So here’s how you can disable Optimized Battery Charging.

Disable/Turn off Optimized Battery Charging

Optimized Battery Charging features can increase battery health and lift of your iPhone device. It can also restrict the battery from charging fully. So if you don’t want this to happen, you can turn it off for good.

  • Open Settings on iPhone.
  • Slide Down and press the Battery option.
  • Click the Battery Health option under the Battery tab.
  • Toggle off the Optimized Battery Charging.
  • Once you toggle off Optimized Battery Charging, you’ll see two options: Turn Off Until Tomorrow and Turn Off.

Select an option between options to disable the Optimized Battery Charging. In case you wish to enable the Optimized Battery Charging, you’ll have to follow the same steps and toggle on the option.

Place your iPhone to a Cooler Location

Well, as stated above, your battery level can stop charging if you’re over a hot location. So if you’re in a hot place, make sure your iPhone’s temperature is not high or visit a cooler area. Avoid poor ventilation rooms, direct sunlight, or stay away from the electronic devices that generate excessive heat. So before charging your device, make sure to cool it off.

Remove Apps that Drains Battery

Several apps on the iPhone stay active in the background and drain too much battery. So, you can open the Battery section on Settings and check which app is consuming the most battery. If there’s an app you’re not using, but the consumption is high, then remove/uninstall the app to resolve the issue. Some apps heat the device too much while using, so try to update the app and check if the issue is resolved. If the problem is still the same, then wait for the future update to arrive.

Unauthorized Accessories

Well, if you’re not using an authorized accessory with your iPhone, then battery problems are common. Most of the unauthorized accessories don’t have the proper mode to supply the power, but Apple accessories are certified and provide only the necessary power to charge the device. But if you’re an Apple accessory, but the problem is still the same, you can replace it from your nearest Apple service store. They’ll replace the faulty accessory, and you’ll have a new and better accessory to use.


To keep the battery healthy, every user must be aware of the accessories they’re using, the app they have installed, and the environment they’re staying in. These three factors are the biggest cause to damage the battery life and to lower the battery health. Make sure to use authorized accessories, don’t charge the iPhone while in heating condition, and keep the apps updated.

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